A vibrant-colored material with a matte finish, comes in:
Astro Turf Green, Red, Deep Ocean Blue, Battleship Grey, White & Black.
1/8" and 1/4" thick.
Is a rigid PVC-board that is comparable to the
bursting strength of plywood of the same thickness,
yet flexible and light-weight.
An excellent material for almost any application.
Easily drilled, sawn and fastened to.
Colors run evenly thru the material.
Sentra comes in:
1/4" Sentra $6.85 per square foot, (specify color)
1/8" Sentra $5. per square foot, (specify color)
Acrylic mirror: plexiglass mirror,  lucite mirror
1/8" thick, same optical clarity of glass mirror but
10-13 times more shatter resistant!
Flexible, drills with common drill bits (
use water coolant, saw by clamping to a flat surface, or use a table saw.
(Protect surface from scratching)
price: call for updated price
Black/White Acrylic: plexiglass, lucite
1/8" and 1/4" thick Black acrylic.
A beatifull material! Hard and rigid with a very reflective deep black surface.
Can be drilled and saw cut, filed and sanded.
1/4"Black acrylic $14.75 per square foot
1/8"Black acrylic $9.25 per sqare foot.
Clear Acrylic: plexiglass, lucite
3/16" Clear acrylic,$9.25 per square foot
1/8" Clear acrylic, $7.75 per square foot
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Sentra comes in six color choices
Acrylic mirror laminated to sentra back
A display case on a all black acrylic base
clear acrylic cover on a, blue top sentra and black acrylic bottom base
This photo shows clear acrylic cover on
a black acrylic and blue sentra top
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This Sentra color chart shows possible color combinations when laminated as two pieces. Sentra is a wonderfull craft material because of its easy workability but tuff resistance to traffic and weathering. Cut with jig saw, scroll saw, hand saw etc..
Joins easily together with general purpose plumbers glue. Tacks up and is movable in under 45 seconds and when cured after 20 minuts holds strongly together.  Create fun colored boxs, planters, doll houses, wall art or even intricate designs for your dioroma, train layout or home project that would be harder to do in wood. Just cut and glue!
Hobby Materials available in cut sizes.
To Order call 1-800-971-6276 or click on  CONTACT US and let us know the size and type of material you need quoted.
*To order, copy the desired material spec from above, and click on contact us or call 1-800-971-6276.
Give quantity, size, and/or color desired. Edge finish is saw cut. Router edge finish and  polished edge additional charge. Shipping cost is extra.Orders under $50. will include a $7.95 addition to shipping cost.