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Custom Turntable & Audio Covers
are made to the highest quality in the acrylic industry, to your size and detail request.

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Superb! Great Cover for my t/table-and beautifully packed..
John was helpful during discussions of my requirements too-
Highly Recommended- Rufus Philpot Bassist w/ Down to the Bone, Scott Henderson- Rufus Philpot Band, Brian Hughes band and CPT. Kirk..

Custom made high quality acrylic Turntable Covers

Features: High quality acrylic, supple and truly as clear as “Crystal” glass.
Made exacting square and parallel, no rock or wobble while sitting on your plinth or table.
Strong embedded joint fabrication stronger than the thickness of the acrylic itself.
Cold polished down to smooth clear 12000 fine diamond edge finish, no heat used so not brittle!
Safely shipped in a 350lb test double wall reinforced box to your door. 
Detail cleaned, polished and ready to go right out of the box. Cable, tone arm access and hand cut-outs as well as other custom modificationsare done by your request for your specific equipment needs.
Higher quality at low cost! Clear, in 1/4", 3/16" or 1/8” thick.
Smoke tinted in 3/16" thick.

Turntable cover options available are: Clear, Smoke Tinted*, Black or White acrylic in 1/4", 3/16" or 1/8” thick. Hand and cable cutouts, clear handles.*smoke tinted only available in 3/16" thick.Clear acrylic shapes: round rod, square and rectangle used for custom purposes by your request.Note: We make extremely fine quality turntable, and equipment covers at the same cost or less than most pre-made manufacturers, that owners of high-end equipment are very pleased with. We've never had an unhappy customer and are the only custom acrylic fabrication shop with Angies list ratings (see below)

Shown are hand polished cut-outs for wiring access at back. Side panel cut-outs on this cover are requested finger access to lift turntable dust cover safely from turntable and are 1" high x 3" wide. Also, optionally available for this purpose are clear acrylic factory cast half moon handles 3/8" x 1,1/2" permanently attached, usually to mid sides, but placed where you wish.

We provide cleaning and care instructions for acrylic and ship in super strong 350lb test double wall boxes.

Have us make a professional turntable cover for you.
Our quality is high and our price very low for that high quality. We use top shelf material, then square parallel and embed the panels together. All edges are cold micro grain polished, no heat goes into the making of our covers. This makes an exacting and strong turntable cover that will never come apart.
Give us a ring or send an email for a free quote.1-800-971-6276

"With Phoenix Engineering tach, VPI 3D arm, 2" aluminum platter and Jim Hagerman's UFO3.
Cover arrived today. Nice work. Fits beautifully.
Thanx. Peter Levine
On-air host of Jazz Straight Up
Sundays 11am to 1pm
WBCR-lp 97.7 FM Gt. Barrington, MA
))))streaming live at

Our custom design "FLOATING" turntable cover for the McIntosh MT10 . (Read more about the MT-10 "floating" cover a few pictures below on this page)

"Beautiful work. Many thanks. Definitely worth the wait.
Regards, Julian"

Custom tube amp covers by J-Display Case.

The tube amps under the Acrylic Covers are Bob Carvers Award wining VTA-305M-Black Beauties which were nominated Best overall Performance Tube Amplifiers by The Absolute Sound Critics in 2012. The middle amplifier is Bobs Legendary Lightstar Reference Series one.
Display and protection!
Thank,s J great work! Joe S.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the turntable cover yesterday. I must tell you that I am extremely impressed with its quality. The quality of the material, assembly and finishing are impeccable and the specified dimensions have been meticulously adhered to. It was also a joy to find that there’s a company in this country which completely understands the requirements of how to pack a fragile item for shipment. The long lead-in for delivery was well worth it and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company for the production and shipment of custom acrylic cases.. Thanks so much for a wonderful custom-made product. Clive Mansbridge

A custom three step style all black acrylic 1/4" thick x3 layers thick acrylic plinth.
Each cut edge is diamond edge polished all panels are embedded together. Internal corner embedments make this a weighty and solid plinth

A custom "floating" turntable cover. Corner blocks in all 4 corners let this cover sit on the turntable and also skirt down over the sides 1/4" and hold it securely in place. "The case arrived and is perfect -- looks really great."

Thorens TD-150 super modified with our "Floating" style turntable cover.
"Great dust cover and a pleasure to do business with"

“Got my display cover yesterday. Couldn't be happier with it. Solid construction and a perfect fit. Thanks for a great experience. Will be a repeat customer if the need arises in the future and will recommend you to my audio pals. Mike L.”

The McIntosh MT10 "Floating" Turntable Cover:
Fabrication: 5 Panel square, parallel and embedded joint fabrication using highest quality 3/16" thick clear acrylic material.
All exposed edges are cold micro edge polished clear and smooth for a strong non fracturing non heated beautiful edge finish.
Details: Front panel sits over molded angle piece behind the front turntable control panel.
3”Lx 1”H polished hand cut outs centered on side bottom edges.
Bonded on inner sides are polished clear blocks that sit on your turntable surface and let the clear cover sit down around the sides and back of the turntable by ¼”, holding it in place.
The clear blocks hold the cover at a 6” height over the turntable top plinth.
Comes detail cleaned & polished and ready for use.
Contact us for a free quote, ask for the Floating MT10 Turntable Cover

"Analog front end in the Studio of:
The Voice That Is
showing the Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird Turntable and Reed 3P Tonearm (Lyra Etna Cartridge on the way). Second arm will be a Tri-Planar Ultimate 7. The Voice That Is - proudly representing many World Class Components.
" My clients have come to expect the best from us and I've researched several turntable dust cover solutions in search of a manufacturer up to the task. The materials had to be very high quality and the craftsmanship top notch since it will be highly visible and protecting over $35,000 worth of analog front end. I'm happy to have found J Display Case who took the necessary care to craft a cover from manufacturer drawings - delivering a product worthy to accompany the elite products in our studio. I give J Display Case my highest recommendation! Doug White / The VoiceThat Is"

Hello. I wanted to say thank you very much for doing such a great job on the case I ordered. It showed up yesterday packaged extremely well and fits exactly as I had hoped. Your customer service was outstanding and the product is great. I have included a picture of the case over the turn table as well for you to see. Again thank you. If I hear of anyone looking for anything like this I will be sure to push them your way. Have a great week!!

Hi John, The cover is nothing short of fantastic. Exactly what I had in mind. I appreciated especially the care you took in correspondence and via telephone to ensure that the measurements and cut-outs would be just exactly perfect. The design improved over time as we exchanged thoughts and measured again just to be sure--it ended up better than it started out. Thanks so much. Sincerely,Bruce R.

Great workmanship and great price. I will definitely recommend you to all my turntable buddies
Evan K.

I wanted to let you know I got the turntable cover and it is wonderful. If you want I'll certainly recommend you to people in need on vintage stereo boards. Thanks again. Steve

"I just wanted to inform you that my turntable cover arrived timely, as promised. The dimensions are 100% on the dot, the craftsmanship is impeccable and your price was about 40% less. The case is absolutely beautiful - I am totally thrilled. Dealing with you was a great experience - you are on my "highly recommended" list.Thank you so much, Very best regards J. L."

Our "Floating" style Cover: " I'm thrilled with the turntable cover and want to share the attached photos. You do beautiful work. Thank you!
FYI, the turntable is a Garrard 401 with a SME 3009 tonearm, and the plinth is made of Baltic birch plywood .Best regards, Dan"

VPI Scout turntable cover. Full over style turntable cover

Your handiwork in action!
Beogram 4002 by Bang & Olufsen, made in the mid 70s in Denmark.
Thank you for the great work A. Elam NY

One of a pair of:All clear 3/16" thick amp covers 13,5/8" x 11,3/4" x 8,3/4"h with 3,1/16" open across bottom of one 11,3/4" side. Acrylic fabrication doesn't get better than this! "They look and fit great! Thank you! Paul H."

Got my Clearaudio Concept dust cover, I'm really impressed! It's more like a piece of audio jewelry, and pictures don't do justice. I appreciate your effort very much. Even my wife, who is indifferent towards these kind of things, said "wow!" So, thanks again. Best, Erik

A SME 20-2 Turntable "Received my dust cover today. I'm extremely pleased with your work.
Just thought I'd let you know.
Your packaging is great, too.
Best regards, Wade"

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my product! It looks absolutely stunning and really shows off my Sonographe turntable! Your packaging was amazing too;! Wow, your work is beautiful!! Thanks again!!
Lee H. Riverhead NY

A VPI Scout Turntable cover, full over style. "Just received my VPI turntable cover. Wanted to say this is very nice work. It’s an exact fit with smooth clean lines, master crafted work.Makes my turntable look like a museum piece.
A real piece of art.” Thank you!
Tom M. Fla.

Audio Cognoscenti
As a youth, I was taught that when washing my car, if the windows weren't impeccably cleaned, it detracted from the beauty of the car wash.
The same applies to our turntables. The Turntable Display Case (Cover) can make or break the presentation of your turntable(s) in your system.My friend George invited me over to see his custom fabricated display case for his Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable. I was more than "Impressed". The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and build quality was truly a "Work Of Art". In addition, it gave George's system an "Aesthetic Balance". He told me this was the work of John who runs a company called J- Display Case. Michael Miguest Audio Cognoscenti

My Repoint Model D turntable.
Thanks for making such a beautiful TT case.
I absolutely love it. Jay C. Terrytown, LA

Square edges verses rounded edges:
Our method is square five-panel fabrication.

These are the proper acrylic fabrication procedures that give you true value for your money.
All panels are paralleled and end squared exacting, then gapped and pressure embedded together.
Our joint embedment technique produces joint strength stronger than the thickness of the material itself.
This also keeps the joint bonds staying clear with no white "blush" marks that form in a cheap quickly made turntable cover.
All your exposed edges are cold-edge polish down to a fine12000 micro finish, ensuring a crystal clear, smooth and strong stress-free edge.
This gives you a luxuriously beautiful & strong exacting acrylic turntable cover that will last for many life times of use.

Others offer flame polished edges and bent edges and corners called heat forming.

Flame polishing and heat forming is a fast way to make an acrylic turntable cover.
Heat is an enemy of acrylic! It takes the resiliency properties out of the heated area and sets it up to stress fracture. Flame polishing also pre cures the bond lines making them brittle! Heat forming and flame polishing is meant to be used on large quantities of cheap small retail store displays that are thrown out after a years use. Heat forming and flame polishing are not meant to be used for turntable covers when you expect quality of fit, strength, appearance and longevity. And value for your dollar!

If you are looking for a well-made turntable cover at a fair price you've found the right place.
Our quote to you will call out exact fabrication details. We are the only acrylic fabrication shop with an "A" rating with Angie's List and PayPal money back guarantee! all clear cover for a turntable"I just wanted to inform you that my turntable cover arrived timely, as promised. The dimensions are 100% on the dot, the craftsmanship is impeccable and your price was about 40% less. The case is absolutely beautiful - I am totally thrilled. Dealing with you was a great experience - you are on my "highly recommended" list.Thank you so much,

-Very best regards J. L.

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