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Custom Platform Risers



Platform risers display your heavier and /or larger items and can be made for you in many sizes and shapes.
Please Contact us with your size requirments.

A large custom all white acrylic box style riser. Features a beveled 1/2" thick top and beveled bottom 25" x 19" x 7"h Holds very heavy items
Cross braced and gusseted interior, all diamond edge polished edges.

Option A. Shows a single valance across the middle of the length. 
A good choice when display items are centered and a bit weighty.

Option B.Shows a valance across the back and a middle joist.
A good choice for long platforms when strength and display area underneath need to be incorporated into the design.

Option C.
 A front and rear valance.
This gives taller platform risers stability to the sides and good strength.

Option D. This optional design is focused on a center positioned display of the item.
Made in all clear you have additional use of the inner bottom.

Option F. Most impressive when made in black diamond edge polished 1/4" acrylic, a box style riser.
Typically ordered along with an all clear display cover this style has many options that can be fabricated in for your use.
Other than a flat top type of display riser, it can be made as a lock down style box riser to "hold" your display cover on and in place. Or made simply as a base your cover sits on and is held in place from being bumped by a laminated 1/8" top cut to the same inside dimensions of the clear display cover. This is a heavy base and totally custom from start to finish.
Its a good idea to call us to discuss the details you want on this Box riser style Style F.

Acrylic platform risers can be made in most any size and in clear, white or black acrylic. 
A valance can be located at any distance from the back to the front. A 1,1/2" size is as minimal as can be done and have any real effect on strengthening across the length of a riser.

Please call or email for current lead time before ordering 1-800-971-6276 

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