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Risers, Clear Covers, Stands, Specialty Acrylic Fabrication, Product Bins, Sample Displays, Display Boxes, Wall Pockets, Acrylic Mirror, Wall Guard, Counter Units, Wall Cases and more for your display needs are just some of the many options you have with our custom fabrication shop.

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We offer Diamond-Edge Polishing for that one of a kind special presentation piece, and also economical flame polishing.

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Our customer list includes, Owens-Corning, Pepsi America, J.M. Smuckers, Provident Bank, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, Purdue Univ., Fla State Univ, Northern Arizona Univ, Ethicon, Pitzer College, Alcon Labs, Chicago Federal Reserve, Justrite Mfg, Peoples Bank, Transdermal, Procter & Gamble, Intrinsic Semiconductor, Informedix, JC Specialty Foods, Knouse Foods, Therapon, USS Constellation Museum, Canadian National RR, Karples Manuscript Museum, U.S. Dept. of the Navy NAVSEA, Army Corp of Engineers, and many, many more satisfied customers.

Shown to the left: A custom brushed aluminum post "post and platform display". Two layers of 1/4" thick diamond edge polished clear acrylic, with bottom bevel. Creates a clean presentation with a welcoming look for your customers.

“J-Display Case came thru on a rush order for our trade show event”
L. Knott pastrysmart.com

Liturature Holder


8"x10"Lx6"D $17.82 ea plus shipping


5"Hx7"Wx4.1/2" D $10.55 ea plus shipping

Sales Bin. Liturature Bin 

Item #SB-H-45 11"h x 14.1/2W x 14.1/2 D

Price $101.32 plus shipping

Quantity 5 or more $96.00 each plus shipping

Counter Top Display Cases

Heavy duty 3/16" thick clear acrylic

with pad lockable hasp and rubber feet

#CT-3-A 12"x20"x3"h $65.ea

#CT-3-B 12"x20"x3"h $85.ea

#CT-2-C 12"x20"x2"h $55.ea

#CT-2-D 12"x20"x2"h $75.ea

plus shipping

All clear 3/16" thick acrylic swing up key lock door 20" long x 10" deep x 12 " high.item#CT-20-12 price $175. each free shipping

Corner Shelf clear 3/16" thick acrylic 

item #CR-8-01 $75. ea plus shipping

16hx13"wx8" d has 4" shelf spacing

 Item #CR-11-02 $110. Ea plus shipping

22"h x 17.1/4" wx 11" d has 6 shelf spacing

Sales Bin, Literature Bin

Item #SB-H-80 5"H x 7.1/2" Wx 7.1/2" D

Quantity 5 or more &25.80 each plus shipping

All clear 3/16" thick acrylic with swing up key lock door

22"long x 17"deep x 17"high

Two full width compartments at 8.3/16" high each

item #CT-22-17 price $285. each Free shipping

All clear 3/16" thick key lock side swing door

22" high x 17" wide x 17" deep

Three full width compartments at 7" high each

item #CT-22T-17 Price $330. Free Shipping

All clear 3/16" thick acrylic key lock side swing door. 20" high x 15" wide x 10.3/8" deep two full width compartments at 9.11/16" high each. item #CT-MS-20T Price $185.00 Free Shipping

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