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of your request.   We offer custom display case fabrication.
(See below for some ordering tips.)
Model Covers & Chess Set Covers: When ordering a model cover or chess set cover enter your dimensions as Length x Depth x Height.
Also let us know if you want it to measure those dimensions on the inside or outside.

Please indicate if you want a base the model
cover can sit on to keep it in place.
A Standard Black Sentra base is a deep black matt finish and is our most commonly ordered and least expensive base.

f the overall dimensions L + D + H adds up to over 63", or you need a height or length over 32" you should consider having it made as 2 cases that mount as a pair to look like one big case. Why? Its safer and less expensive in many ways. Weight bearing at the mounts and your walls capability are one reason, and with today,s high shipping cost one huge case can cost more to ship than two smaller cases. Two smaller cases are also stronger and safer for your collection than one huge case.
Depth off your wall should not exceed 6-7 inches.
If you look over our site you can get a good feel for ideal dimensions of wall mount acrylic display cases.

Example: Say I want a wall mountable case that is 48" long x 6"D x 25" high.
48" is too big, its over 32" so I should divide one dimension in half so I get two cases at 24"(L or H)

The hinge barrel:
99% of your reason to get a display case is to protect your items from the elements that wear their condition down correct?
This makes a door on your case something you cannot do without. Acrylic hinges are the most cost effective way to fabricate a door onto a display case and the barrel of that hinge is what to take into consideration when designing a wall unit style that you wish to mount together so it all looks like one big display case.
   Acrylic hinges are clear and look much like a smaller version of a common door hinge in design. The barrel sticks out about 1/4" from the case.    So  if your wanting to say fill your wall all the way across and would like as many cases to fit as possible you would want cases that hinge across the top and cases that hinge across the bottom. This allows the doors of the top cases to swing up and the doors of the cases mounted under them to swing down. That way the hinges and door swings do not interfere with each other and allows you to mount the cases all together so they look like one big display case.
Take into consideration your mounting height and how high your door swing to the ceiling will be.

We will email back the details as we see it from your request with any questions and or a complete quote, ordering information will be included.

If you would rather call us, we are happy to explain details and help you with a design.
Toll Free 1-800-971-6276 

We are a USA company that specializes in custom acrylic display case fabrication and will be happy to quote anything we can make for you out of:
acrylic, plexiglass, lucite, sentra or pvc. Our services include diamond edge polishing, flame polishing, custom fabrication: custom wall mount cabinets, model covers, display covers, shrouds, bonnets architectural covers, equipment covers, risers and platforms, material cut and finished to size.

Our fabrication procedures produce joints that are stronger than the thickness of the material itself.
All panels are cut and machined exacting in square and parallel then assembled and embedded on an matted tool ground machined surface by a master fabricator. Surfaces are all protected thru fabrication then un-covered at time of assembly for inspection before the fabrication to insure the material on your display case is mint and not scratched or blemished. Our shipping and packaging is also top quality,and the safest in the acrylic display case industry. Cases come to you cleaned, polished and ready for use.
We also include "care for acrylic" instructions to ensure your display case stays crystal clear for a life time.
We are not exaggerating when we say: We offer master crafted acrylic display cases of ultimate strength & beauty at a low cost for this type of fabrication.  If you want a something made by professionals in the field, contact us.
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Let us know your shelving heights desired, depth off the wall and width of the case you want. We will send back the overall height considering shelving thicknesses along with your free quote.
Wall mount cases are cold diamond edge finished for maximum strength and include mounting hardware, mounting instructions and care for acrylic instructions. Options are: Mirror, White, Black or Clear back. Door closure options are: Key lock,
Door snap catch, Magnetic catch  or a Padlock type door catch. Half moon handles are installed for door catch options where required and/or by request. Please ask us about these options, we will be glad to explain the best use option for you.