Privacy Policy - Risers and Platforms

Our Terms:

J-Displaycase does not sell information gathered by this site. Any information gathered by this site is for the sole use of our company and affiliated partners for the the purpose of providing the customer with their product request/quote.
Customer names and personel identifiable information is kept confidential within J-Display Case.
Credit card information is not kept online and not processed online or via internet terminal.
Check and or banking informations are not processed or kept online except for those customers who use/send internet banking and payment methods to us, thru Paypal or e-check. Paypal is its own sole identity seperate from J-Display Case.

A request for a quote and/or purchase and/or subsequent receipt of payment to J-Display Case and/or its company owners constitutes an agreement to the following terms:

Purchaser and/or end user has been made aware at time of sale or by email quote or by requested arrangments of our shipping and payment terms. Posted sale amounts stating shipping (may be included in total sale amount or as a seperate line cost) included pertain to shipments within the U.S. lower 48. Purchaser and/or end user agrees that J-Display Case will not be held liable for any loss and/or liabilities that may arise from purchase and/or use of its products to the extent that applicable laws allow, thru use of its products.

Mounting hardware is for use on common drywall stud-type construction consisting of 1/2" drywall. Customer and/or end user understands that mounting instructions have been sent with their display case, when applicable and/or request for a wall mount display case or acrylic wall mount fabrication has been made. Any deviation from these instructions may result in damage to the display case and contents. Because the nature of the construction of most walls,and that wood and other building materials used, differ in many ways as to hardness,age,and condition, no warranty or guarantee is expressed or intended, as to the instructions supplied with any product from J-Display Case.

J-Display Case reserves the right to deviate from and/or hold approximately .125 tolerance,from customer's given dimensions and/or on stock display case dimensions promoted on our website.

J-Display Case reserves the right to deny and/or refuse any request for quote or bid, and to deny and or halt work in progress and refund any portion of payment by prorating the amount of work already performed. A 2% banking fee may be applied.

We reserve the right to forward for bid or quote to our associated vendors any work we deem to be outside of our company disciplines.

Customers and/or end users of J-Display Case products and or custom fabrications agree to give J-Display Case design rights for use of sale and or advertising, fabrication and/or resale, and likewise for the promotion of our business the items or fabrications worked on and made by us, or products promoted by us thru designs supplied to us or created by us, unless expressly notified as private or in shop use only.

We reserve the right to change any quote given to a customer and/or end user for any of the following reasons: (1) More than 30 calendar days(or indicated time on quote) have passed since the initial quote was given; (2) Shipping rate change; (3) Materials and/or business cost has increased/changed.(4) Previous quote was to low or high.(5)Customer has given conflicting or misleading information or has added details after a quote was made,or prior to or after fabrication etc..

Damaged Merchandise and/or Refunds: You must call J-Display Case and speak with and discuss with us the reason for your return and we must agree to the return.
Any item returned to us without our prior consent will be declined from the shipper at your cost.
Claims for lost or damaged merchandise are subject to carrier determination.
Damaged merchandise and/or acrylic fabrication deemed not damaged in shipping by the carrier(shipping company) may be subject to a refund and/or replacement at the sole discretion of J-Display Case after we recieve a copy of the inspectors findings. Fraudualant claims will be reported and inter state fraud charges may be filed with the authorities if fraud is suspected.
Returned items not found to be flawed as stated by the customer will be at the customers total cost to re-ship to them, that payment will be collected by us in advance of re-shipping to the customer. Stock items can be an exception to this rule if they are in mint resellable condition, return shipping cost are at the customers expense. No payment refund will be made to you if the merchandise is not re-sellable as new mint condition. If you would like the item back, a shipping fee will be presented to you that you must pay before we will ship it back to you. We do not burden the cost of a return unless it is an honest mistake on our part, we reserve the right to determine that.

Purchaser and/or end user understands shipping quotes given reflect not only the actual cost of shipping, but also include costs of packaging and handling unless other wise called out on a quote.

Customer and or end user understands that the nature of acrylic for use as a display case or other type of display product and or any use is their responsibility to use in a wise and safe manner. Our products are not intended as toys for underage children and although our products are resonably safe for the average consumer common risk as with any" manufactured for a specialty use" type product should be observed. Although acrylic is 10-13 times more shatter resistant than glass of the same thickness, it is not steel and can be broken or damaged, resaonable care should be used if this happens. Polished acrylic can have exact corners and edges that could nick or scratch delicate skin or office hands, please use care when handeling acrylic items.

Free Quotes: Free quotes are at the sole discretion of J-Display Case.
We try to reasoanbly give one free quote to a customer per item/job, but sometimes a request can be so involved that it goes beyond the scope of usual and typical for our business and becomes a job in itself to quote. We assume no liablity to quote for free and at our discretion may decline to quote or to requote with out notice. Its a customers liability to to render all details of the items(s) they want or need quoted. This may include detailed drawings/prints, contact information and end user details pertaining to use so a safe quote design can be approved. If we find we have to keep asking for details from a customer or that the customer keeps stalling or changing details, we may determine that, that customer has abused or used up what available time we have to quote them, and move on to other more coopertive customers quotes without prior notice. Scheduling of quotes and fabrication dates are at our sole discretion. We may in some cases before quoting ask for a quote fee if the quote is determined to be involved and time consuming.

J-Display Case reserves the right to change our privacy policy terms at any time without prior notification.