Based Options

Base Options

We offer 3 Standard Base options, shown below.
#1 Sentra has up to 36 color options to choose from.

Standard design bases are made by laminating two peices together. Your Model Cover sits down over the top onto the bottom. The bottom is 3/8" larger than the outside of your display cover. Sentra bases have lightly beveled edges and all bases come with rubber feet.

Base option #1. Sentra bases are available in six colors: Grey, Black, White, Astro-Turf Green, Deep Ocean Blue and Red. Bases can be made as one solid color or choose two different colors for top and bottom.
See our customers pictures page to see examples how customers have used this option for their displays.
All Black Sentra is our standard base, if you would like a color option just ask for top color and bottom color IE: Red on White etc..The price shown for a Sentra base is the same for any color or color combination..

An example of a Blue Sentra top on Black Sentra bottom. Notice Sentra is a matt finish, no shine. Works well with many types of items like military, sports, scientific or where a non shiney surface is preferred and/or a color scheme makes the look. Sentra can also be laminated to acrylic.

Base option #1

Base option #2. All Black Acrylic
An industry standard because of its highly reflective deep black surfaces. Comes with Diamond Edge Polished straight edges.
Quoted per size. Beveled edges are extra, please request if you would like beveled edges on this base as shown to the right..

Base option #2

Base option #3. All clear acrylic
Since its an all clear base, its most popular use is let a table top show thru or, to avoid mis-matching decore.
Clear acrylic bases go with any decore/ Made just like the digram above, two peices are laminated together, your display cover sits over the top part and is held in place from being bumped into your display item.

Quoted per size. Beveled edges are extra, please request if you would like beveled edges on this base.

Base option #3

Custom base work:
Other styles of custom base's can be ordered, some examples are shown below.

Custom base styles are quoted per request.
Shown are just a few examples of most frequent custom base request. Please dont feel confined to these examples if you would like a more detailed base. Your only limits are your imagination.
The base really makes the item you display stand out the way you want it to.
If you look over our site you will see the material we work with, we will be glad to quote your design idea.


Crystal Riser Base
One size for this magnificent display case and base is currently sold on our web page General Use Cases.
Custom sizes quoted by request
Clear crystal like risers attached to a black diamond edge polshed acrylic platform style base with a two step bottom.

The baseball base shows an interior riser base.

An impressive style base and can be used with an interior riser to totally hide the inner display cover edges and bring the displayed item up flush to the top edge of base or to any desired display height. Additionaly you can also add a bottom riser to the base to bring it to a veiwing height perfect for your needs.

Below:All black acrylic lock-down base. Sides are 1,1/2"high and each of the four side corners are drilled and threaded with rubber tipped allen screws. Screws are turned in to hold cover securley in place.


Layering of material to create a step effect. Shown is 2 layers of 1/4" thick black acrylic on 1 bottom layer of clear acrylic. A top inner layer is 1/8" black acrylic and cover sits over that so it's held in place.
All the layers are beveled and diamond edge polished, each layer bigger than the next to form a step look. This style is a very heavy base as all layers are solid and not hollow. This style can be done in material variations also.

Mirror and Post

Useing mirror and clear post to raise your items up on a clear platform will give you a floating effect and a bottom view of you items as seen here in this custom ordered 'Mirror and Post" style base. Everything is attached to the base and the cover sits down over the platform onto the mirror base.

Mirror top bases.
Acrylic Mirror can be added as a base top to create a very nice base effect.
Not shown is a mirror back display case used with a mirror top base, althou ordered frequently we do not have a picture added yet to show that very reflective look. Its Nice!
Mirror can be laminated to any colored base material except clear.

Above: Diamond edge polished 1" round acrylic rod risers with "polished grooves mounted to a balck acrylic base, to hold a drumstick.

Metal standoffs
These type of standoffs can be ordered in clear acrylic rod, or in a steel variation of black, brass or stainless steel. As acrylic they will be permanatly attached, but in the metal variation they unscrew so that the base can be taken apart and layed flat. Shown is a riser base of satin polished stainless steel standoffs screwed to a 1/4" clear top, with a 1/4" white acrylic bottom and 1/8" white sentra laminat top base part.

This gave the customer a flat matt finish top for a non glare display of their items, and a dress beveled diamond-polished bottom outer edge and polished top edge.

Combined with a display cover you have a very unique one of a kind exhibit sure to catch every eye.

The ship shows blue sentra laminated to acrylic.
Any Sentra color can be laminated to clear, white or black acrylic.

A Free-Standing Platform creates a dramatic display.
This platform can be made in Sentra or Acrylic
in any height from a small table-top style to a full floor height as shown.
Available Options: Add a lock-down base feature to add security to the top of this platform. Add an interior riser base for a complete museum style display.