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Hi, I am John Marx and this is how and why J-Display Case came to be:
I started as a young man in metal fabrication in the late 70”s.
Building and welding heavy structural machine bases.
On my free time I loved collecting antiques. One day in 1996 I decided to buy an acrylic display case for my pocket lighter collection.
After receiving the display case I looked at it with my fabrication eye and thought “ Do they even know how to square and parallel panels properly?”
It looked awful! Bad joint bonds, white spots in the bonds, just a rickety mess.
So I returned it and decided to do a little studying into acrylic fabrication and make one myself.
That was the start.
Using the exacting fabrication skills I had learned and mastered over those 21 years in metal fabrication combined with fabrication briefs from the foundries that produced acrylic sheet,
that first case I made was better than the one I had bought!
Friends in antique collecting saw my case and had me make one for them, word started to spread... 3 years later I went full time with J-Display Case
I continued to improve the procedures, sought out old masters in the field of acrylic fabrication to learn more advance procedures from.
I have developed and improved acrylic procedure to this day, and believe J-Display Case turns out the finest acrylic display cases on this planet.

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